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Posting and such

Post by Kuhane on Thu Oct 07, 2010 12:09 pm

So. Karla (I hope I'm spelling that right) brought up a good point in another thread that I want to address. When it comes to forum posting IC time does not equal OOC time. If something is posted and someone doesn't respond for awhile it doesn't mean that their character is slow in responding it means that the player hasn't had a chance to. Now I realize that most of us are forum junkies and need our fix but the board is something that's meant to be there to be utilized by those who want to play on it. By no means should anyone be penalized IC for their inability to post in time OOC. Furthermore, characters shouldn't make IC assumptions about the motivations or actions of other characters because of OOC posting time. Mostly it's annoying to be nagged in a scene, don't do it. People will respond as they're able to.

That's all!

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