What I do when I'm bored...

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What I do when I'm bored...

Post by Essence on Mon Apr 11, 2011 1:05 am

So with Liam dead and me waiting for approval for Essence to play, I got bored today. Enjoy!

Rite of Survivor
To the tune of "Eye of the Tiger"

Risin up
Off of my feet
No more time, no more chances
Tried to run and now I'm flat on my back
Just a Kin and his will to survive

So many times, it happens too fast
You have no Honor, no Glory
Don't lose your grip on what's real and what's fact
You must fight just to be kept alive

It's the Rite of Survivor, it's the BSD rite
Strap him down till the Theurge's arrival
And the last known survivor is the honored tonight
And he's getting carved up to the Rite of Survivor

Slice him up, forehead to feet
Keep him parched, keep him hungry
They mess your mind, sanity takes a backseat
Till you're not sure that you're even alive


Risin' up, back here on top
Have the Honor, got the Glory
Just did a dance, now I'm not gonna stop
Spiraling for my will to survive


The Rite of Survivor...(repeats out)


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