Zombie Run Inquiry (Sat. Sept. 14th)

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Zombie Run Inquiry (Sat. Sept. 14th) Empty Zombie Run Inquiry (Sat. Sept. 14th)

Post by Darian on Tue Jul 30, 2013 6:46 pm

Howdy all.  I am going to the following event (Lake Eerie Zombie Mud Run) on Sat. Sept. 14th.  It is located in Sandusky OH, so many that travel to Columbus from Cleveland, might find this rather fun and close by.  This is there first time hosting this event, and I am trying to see how many more people I can bring.

I plan on being a zombie, and will be at both time frames.  As it currently stands I do not know that I can get any more discounted costs, but if anyone who is interested would let me know, I will keep a running tally, and see what we can come up with.  Some of my family and their friends from MI are going to be coming, so I thought extending an offer to all of you might be appreciated.

For those in Columbus, I don't want to drive to Columbus and back, but I live in Mansfield, so if anyone would want to meet in Mansfield (off of US71) we could car pool, I would drive.  I plan on being there for the entire event and after party though.

Here is the web link: http://www.lakeeeriezombiemudrun.com/

They are to have videos up on the site by the end of this link.  Although there are many others out there to reference as well.

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