HA Game 5/25/13 - IMPORTANT!

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HA Game 5/25/13 - IMPORTANT!

Post by ST Jonah on Fri May 24, 2013 11:27 pm

Official Announcement!

Those that were planning on attending Heartland Alliance on 5/25/13 please note that the game date has been cancelled. Renovations going on at NCIR HQ are still proceeding. There's fresh paint going up and repairs to the drywall still. These repairs will be ongoing throughout the weekend.

You may be asking yourself about Under an Eerie Moon. What is the fate of that game? Well, after a discussion with Crystal, it was decided that Sunday will host a joint effort between the games. The plot itself will remain unknown to the player base but will unravel as people participate.

The game site will be at the residential location where Marie and I live. Game will start at 12PM and end roughly between 4 and 5. The basement and the back yard will be open for this. I will be cooking burgers and hot dogs. There will be no game fee, but the food will require a donation towards North Coast Improvisation and Recreation.

If you need an address for the game site on Sunday please contact me privately. It will be provided.

Also - Tell your friends! We don't need to confuse the poor painters at HQ with people showing up as Gargoyles or anything Smile
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