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05-06-12 News Article Empty 05-06-12 News Article

Post by ST Jonah on Wed May 16, 2012 3:06 pm

Explosion Rocks Lima!

Late on May 5th an explosion across the street from the Saint Rita Medical Center was felt throughout Lima. The source seemed to come from the Somewhere In Time Nightclub. A known and beloved spot in this small city. It was a sight of camaraderie as the fire burned not only the nightclub, but the surrounding businesses and residential area. The police arrived shortly after the explosion with good samaritans already helping ferry the wounded across the street to the Saint Rita Medical Center.

[Images present depicting helping others. Uly, Tyler and Kuhane can all be seen in different images helping out to those who are carefully looking.]

Investigations into this matter are pending however due to the intensity of the explosion it is believed that this was an intentional destruction rather than an accident.

Of those involved 56 were admitted to the Saint Rita Medical Center for various levels of injuries and close to 100 lives were lost in the explosion, the majority being within the nightclub in question.
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