Reality vs. Roleplaying

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Reality vs. Roleplaying

Post by Gus on Wed Dec 14, 2011 5:20 pm

Okay, so here is where the scene in my head comes screeching to a halt. See, I have Gus extremely involved in the Lima Samaritan Center, which is the real life women's shelter. To save time and ST brains, I have done what I can to imagine who these woman are, what their motivations are and the logical way they will act in a given situation. However, never being a survivor of or close to domestic abuse, I find most of my women are static and come off as stereotypes. I'm really hoping the women of this game can use this thread to kind of guide me and/or tell me when I'm way, way off base. Because the last thing this was meant to do was turn this topic into a punchline. That said, I'm going to go type some and please help with some guidance!

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Re: Reality vs. Roleplaying

Post by Giselle_Blanchard on Wed Dec 14, 2011 10:04 pm

As far as writing goes, the way there are is fine. Right now they're just kind of in the background. However, you can also decide how many women and children are there, fill out back stories for each of them. A few could have been beating by their female partner.

Besides the ones that keep thinking their abuser loves them still, there's the ones that stayed out of necessity. Maybe for the children to have a father, or financial reasons, or just waiting for the right moment to leave.

Also, besides physical abuse, there's emotional. There could be women in the shelter who's husband/significant other never laid a hand on them.

Dunno if that helped, but I look forward to seeing the shelter fleshed out more. ^^

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